We were putting a demo of AppSymphony together for a customer, and came to the conclusion that an entity extraction tool would really help us out. We composed an app that gathered tweets that met a certain profile. But we wanted to pull apart those tweets in a way only a human can.  We knew there were language processing tools out there, but where could we get one to exploit on short notice?

AWS Marketplace, that’s where. But more specifically, Rosoka. Say that name a few times and don’t forget it, because you want this in your back pocket. This is a killer multi-lingual entity extraction tool by IMT Holdings that (among other offerings) exists as an EC2 AMI on Amazon Marketplace. What does it take stand up a usable Rosoka instance?

  1. Find Rosoka Cloud at AWS Marketplace
  2. Launch it
  3. Nothing, there is no third thing

Those steps get you a multilingual language processing, entity-extracting black box ready to do your bidding. Rosoka’s interface is a ReST service that returns JSON. Easy to stand-up, easy to use. We found a winner!

Back to AppSymphony – we connected a few JSON components, wrapped them up in a composite – and just like that, we had a reusable Rosoka component. With our haystack of tweets distilled down to a trove of names and places, we were taking metrics and feeding them to visualization tools.

AppSymphony is hungry for powerful, focused, and accessible analytic services. Rosoka is powerful. Rosoka is focused. Rosoka is accessible. It’s a perfect match for AppSymphony! Services like this help realize our goal: to empower the data scientist by easily integrating services together into advanced analytic workflows – no coding required.

We’re recruiting — if you have an analytic service, we’d love to work with you! Please drop us a line


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