AppSymphony Web v2.10 Now Available in AWS and IC Marketplaces

We are pleased to announce that AppSymphony Web v2.10 is now available for immediate use in both Amazon AWS and IC Marketplaces. This release incorporates a dramatic overhaul to AppSymphony’s Composer UI look and feel that substantially improves user experience. Notable upgrades include: search feature allows users to quickly find components and apps user-defined component groups let users organize components to suit their preference improved execution and taps consoles streamline app refinement and execution easy to use case and do while components support powerful conditional and list operations enhanced app execution allows you to run your app multiple times and/or at set time intervals […]

AppSymphony and Rosoka

We were putting a demo of AppSymphony together for a customer, and came to the conclusion that an entity extraction tool would really help us out. We composed an app that gathered tweets that met a certain profile. But we wanted to pull apart those tweets in a way only a human can.  We knew there were language processing tools out there, but where could we get one to exploit on short notice? AWS Marketplace, that’s where. But more specifically, Rosoka. Say that name a few times and don’t forget it, because you want this […]

No Code MapReduce

No Code MapReduce With AppSymphony Release 2.5 nearly complete – and having not posted a blog entry in over three months! – I plan to spend some time over the next several weeks highlighting AppSymphony’s most talked about features. You’ll soon be able to try AppSymphony for yourself on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace (more details soon!), but in the meanwhile I’d like to emphasize some of the coolness you’ll see once we launch there. I was on a call several weeks ago with a potential (now actual) customer. We were discussing exactly what AppSymphony is, how it can […]

Hello AppSymphony – Revisted

Hello AppSymphony – Revisited In this post, I’m going to delve into the details of the “Content Publisher” Component I introduced in the Hello AppSymphony post.  I’m also going to show just how easy it is to take a specific solution and generalize it for a larger audience using the concept of App Parameters. Content Publisher Details The “Content Publisher” Component is an example of a Composite Component.  A Composite can contain one or more Components and is typically used to group bits of processing commonly done together into a single, reusable Component.  Once created, a Composite […]

Hello AppSymphony

Hello AppSymphony! For the first blog post on our flashy new website, I’m going to demonstrate how to create a tried and true example – good ol’ Hello World – using AppSymphony’s web-based Composer.  While AppSymphony is mainly used to develop powerful analytic apps, I thought a simple example would be the best starting point for those new to AppSymphony.  Before diving in, let’s take a look at the web-based AppSymphony Composer. From the left-menu, there’s access to Apps and Components.  Components are initially displayed by the […]

Optensity / Flex Analytics Case Study

Ever wonder how Optensity’s AppSymphony platform is being leveraged to rapidly build and deploy reusable workflows that interface with advanced algorithms to process historic and real-time biometric, geospatial, image and video, speech, and natural language data? Ever consider that a self-service analytical workflow approach may be the best way to quickly transition your big data prototype to a tangible, deployable solution available to and adaptable by your end-users? A recent case study describes how AppSymphony is used by Flex Analytics, a provider of multimedia analytical tools to government and industry, to satisfy […]