turns Operational Intelligence into Real-Time Action

>rapid response™ is a splunk plug-in app that allows users to easily compose powerful custom alert actions in minutes – without scripting or coding. It seamlessly extends splunk’s native alert mechanism, allowing you to orchestrate system-wide real time response strategies for your operations.

What will >rapid response do for me?

Splunk gives security, IT operations and application delivery teams powerful insights and valuable operational intelligence across your entire organization. Its powerful search, visualization and alerting capabilities enable them to understand current operations more effectively than ever before, and configure simple alert actions to respond to certain issues automatically.

But when difficult operations issues arise, splunk’s simple script and web-hook alert actions may not be enough.  And waiting for human-scale response times to incipient cyber activity or complex IT system failures means greater impact to operations.

With >rapid response, your operations teams can easily capture their deep expertise into powerful custom alert actions that execute within milliseconds.  >rapid response alert actions enable your operations teams to systematically orchestrate and track response actions at all layers of the stack across the entire enterprise in real-time, all the while maintaining secure positive control over all automated actions.

But where>rapid response really shines is in its ability to automate sophisticated dynamic response strategies – strategies that dynamically interact with splunk’s powerful search and analysis capabilities to drill down on an issue, determine root cause, and orchestrate the most effective response actions for the situation.

>rapid response closes the loop around your operations


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