Case Studies

  • Click To Download the Flex Analytics Case Study – Flex Analytics provides its customers a range of multimedia analytical tools including image and video analysis and search, audio analytics, natural language processing, biometrics and more. Many of its customers require multiple solutions which means more than one analytic must be integrated together in order to build the desired solution. Optensity, Flex Analytics’ analytical integration partner, provides a technology that allows end-users to rapidly, reliably and re-usably integrate different analytical packages together

White Papers

  • Click To Download the Map/Reduce Whitepaper – AppSymphony enables companies to realize the benefits of Hadoop with their current workforce.  AppSymphony empowers analysts and data scientists to build new Hadoop analytics without writing a single line of new computer code.  They can leverage their company’s existing proprietary algorithms, even if these algorithms were not written to be used in the Hadoop ecosystem.  AppSymphony provides them with the ability to access and process data from a wide array of the Hadoop ecosystem including HDFS, Map-Reduce, Accumulo, MongoDB, and others.

  • Click to Download the Curated Digital Collection Whitepaper – AppSymphony brings unprecedented self-service analysis capabilities to curated digital collections of virtually any size or location. It enables analysts and data scientists to quickly compose analysis applications that extract actionable insight from diverse collections hosted throughout the community. It brings your analytics to the data, eliminates IT and cloud complexity, makes highly efficient, scalable, secure use of dynamically provisioned cloud resources, and effectively eliminates analytic lock-in.

  • Click to Download the Optensity Mobile App Development Whitepaper – AppSymphony is a software platform that allows software developers and system integrators to rapidly integrate a disparate set of data sources, analytic techniques, compute environments and output mechanisms into intelligence solutions. It is designed to let developers quickly build data exploitation and analytic applications that execute at scale across a variety of computational environments, including hybrid clouds. The resulting apps can be run from iOS and Android mobile devices.