AppSymphony Powers Solutions

AppSymphony is used by System and Data Integrators, Data Scientists and Research Analysts, and Information Technologists to create powerful solutions.

System and Data Integrators

System Integrators are using AppSymphony to deliver a solution to customers who demand the ability to rapidly, reliably and re-usably integrate different analytical packages together in a seamless fashion. This self-service approach is geared to end-users with a high operational intensity, those who would not select an analytics product that comes with a set of predefined data adapters and algorithms because they have a constantly evolving environment of data sources and information needs.

AppSymphony is ideally suited to any organization that wants to rapidly create, test and refine new models and algorithms to gain a competitive edge.

AppSymphony is an easy to understand product that allowed us to accelerate our ability to develop and deploy usable analytics.
Fortune 500 Company

Data Scientists and Analysts

Data Scientists have selected AppSymphony as their App development and deployment platform because they can iteratively improve existing analytics and reduce the wait time for feedback on new analytics.

AppSymphony’s ability to execute existing algorithms in new processing paradigms enables Data Analysts to run their models in modern processing frameworks, such as Hadoop Map/Reduce, without requiring any software development. AppSymphony supports cloud migration through its Open API and Component Development Kit (CDK), allowing customer to leverage their existing investment in algorithms and analytics.

AppSymphony’s extensible framework provided the flexibility we needed to adapt how we used AppSymphony within the enterprise.
Fortune 100 Company

Information Technologists

AppSymphony allows Information Technologists to control dynamic infrastructure resources and systematically scale servers and storage to meet internal and customer demands.

AppSymphony includes Components that integrate with the leading Information as a Service (Iaas) and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, allowing IT groups to compose Apps to handle their cloud management needs.

AppSymphony enables users to compose and execute automated, real-time, closed-loop feedback control systems that measure and monitor key business and physical process variables and dynamically control enterprise resources to optimize business outcomes.

Optensity, Inc received the Best Disruptive Technology Award from the Innovative Solutions Consortium. This Award highlighted the great value of their AppSymphony graphical tools to define and deploy big data analytics modules across multiple Cloud environments.
Innovative Solutions Consortium

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