Graphical Composition

Graphically compose complex Apps using building-blocks that represent data, algorithms or visualization.

Through the AppSymphony Composer, a user connects Components together to create an executable workflow, called an App.  This graphical composition approach allows users to rapidly modify an existing App and connect multiple Apps together to create ever more powerful solutions.

Modular App design, promoted by the ability to rapidly discover and reuse Components and Apps stored in the AppSymphony Repository, allows teams to solve a common problem once and reuse that solution many times over.

AppSymphony Composer

AppSymphony Execution Engine

Scalable Execution

Execute Apps across heterogeneous infrastructure, including public, private and hybrid clouds, and integrate with Hadoop.

AppSymphony’s Execution Engine provides a high-performance platform to execute Apps. The Execution Engine can broker Apps within and across cloud environments, allowing customers to execute Apps seamlessly against data in hybrid clouds. This allows users to graphically compose, for example, a Hadoop Map/Reduce job, which can then be executed as part of an AppSymphony App.

The Execution Engine can be integrated with an Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) provider or other scalable infrastructure platform to manage resources. This allows the Execution Engine to scale out Just-In-Time as data volumes or App execution volumes increase, reducing infrastructure costs without impacting overall system performance.

Self-Service through Open APIs

Be productive on Day 1 using hundreds of provided data, algorithm and visualization components, or easily create, migrate and integrate your own.

AppSymphony includes hundreds of building-blocks, called Components, to allow users to easily interact with their favorite data sources and cloud platforms as part of an App.  Component collections, called Ensembles, are part of the AppSymphony platform and allow integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure, Apache Hadoop, Apache Accumulo, Neo4j, and MongoDB, and many, many more.

AppSymphony’s Component Development Kit (CDK) makes it easy to create new Components, enabling the vision of self-service analytics.  The CDK allows a user to incorporate new Components with the AppSymphony platform in seconds. AppSymphony’s Open API allows users to get the most out of the platform and make it their own.

AppSymphony Repository

Case Study

Download this case study on using AppSymphony for UAV and ISR analytics.


White Paper

Download this white paper on creating map/reduce jobs without code.



AppSymphony is used by System and Data integrators, Data Scientists and Research Analysts, and Information Technologists to create powerful solutions.



The AppSymphony blog is frequently updated with new App examples so you can follow along as we build simple and complex analytics using the platform.

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