Ever wonder how Optensity’s AppSymphony platform is being leveraged to rapidly build and deploy reusable workflows that interface with advanced algorithms to process historic and real-time biometric, geospatial, image and video, speech, and natural language data? Ever consider that a self-service analytical workflow approach may be the best way to quickly transition your big data prototype to a tangible, deployable solution available to and adaptable by your end-users?

A recent case study describes how AppSymphony is used by Flex Analytics, a provider of multimedia analytical tools to government and industry, to satisfy end-users who demand a solution that rapidly, reliably and re-usably integrates different analytical packages together in a seamless fashion. Flex Analytics is involved in developing solutions for multiple customers and partners including activities to integrate different technology packages for biometrics identification, onboard ISR aircraft analytics and for sale by the seat cloud based analytical offerings. All of these solutions rely on the integration capabilities of Optensity’s AppSymphony.


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