AppSymphony Web User Guide
AppSymphony Web User Guide
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Welcome to AppSymphony Web!

AppSymphony Web is a self-service rapid application composition platform where you can compose your own applications in the cloud and for the cloud in minutes.   AppSymphony Web puts the full power of all data big and small, web services, Hadoop and the cloud directly into the hands of those who need it most, enabling your entire business team -  decisionmakers, analysts,  data scientists and IT staff - to graphically compose advanced analysis, data integration, and web services API orchestration applications. You compose apps by drawing simple but powerful data flow diagrams that automatically execute in the cloud- no software engineering skills required!   

AppSymphony is implemented as a browser based web application that may be hosted in private or public data centers, on dedicated or virtualized hardware, on public or private cloud service providers, or any combination of the above.  AppSymphony comes with a wide range of components to access and process structured and unstructured data,  SQL and NO-SQL databases, web service APIs (REST), and enterprise messaging.


This user guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start composing and running apps with AppSymphony Web.


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